Master of Orion Conquer the Stars Ultimate Strategy Guide


In this guide, the entirety of available info about Master of Orion Conquer the Stars (2016) by has been gathered, including some the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the game. Choose the strategy that best fits your playstyle and the species you are trying to get in the position to be the Master of Orion, but also the entire galaxy!

The current game version is 54.7.

You can watch the YouTube videos or scroll this article for answers to your queries regarding MOO and viable strategies.

PLEASE HAVE IN MIND that this is a guide in progress. Feel free to get your comments in at the end of the guide, it is highly appreciated.


  1.  What does “Evolving Technologies” in Research means once you have discovered all the available technologies?
    Absolutely nothing; there are no new researches being conducted, it is a simple place holder that drops there once you have managed to explore all the tech trees in the game. It has no longer any effect to the gameplay.
  2. What happens when pollution goes critical on a planet?
    The biome of the planet will be downgraded. This means that a B Class planet will become a C class planet. The immediate effect of that is the death of “surplus” population on a planet. Example: You have a planet which is 100% polluted and you don’t manage to clean it up in time. If there were 20 population before, the biome might shrink to 12, which will result in 8 lost populations units.
  3. What causes Mineral Classification Downgrade of a planet?
    As far as we can tell so far, these are simply random events. I have seen occasions where a species would “find additional resources on their planet”; sometimes they would over exploit a planet. It is a random (and fairly rare) event the player has no influence upon.
  4. Should I kill captured spies?
    No, unless you wish to worsen your relationship with the specific species. Everyone will spy on you, even your best friends. Best course of action is to capture the spy and later on release him, or trade something for him. If you cherish your relationship with the species he is from, do NOT declare that they should stop spying on you and do NOT kill him.
  5. Should I destroy planets with the Doom Star?
    No. Beware of destroying planets and do it as a last resort only. If you repeat it couple of time, even your most loyal allies will start hating your guts.
  6. Should I specialize planets for production, science or food?
    Not in the initial phase, but later on – definitely! After you colonize some 4-5 planets, you should consider specializing the future planets, especially if they are extra suitable for some specific tasks. The planet which is suitable for food production should be focused only on the population growth, and excess population should be diverted to high production planets with low food capabilities. However, be aware of the fact that highly specialized planets make your empire vulnerable as well. Should you loose a highly specialized planet to another species or to an Antarean attack, you will be hard pressed to recover.

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