PUBG Deathmatch Event


This weekend the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has hosted yet another event, and once again, it was a blast!

It was the first kind of Deathmatch we are seeing on normal servers at it brought three teams to fight against each other on the Erangel map. Each team was 10 men strong and the area of fights were mostly situated on a very specific part of the map, such as Rozhok, the Farm, Georgopol, Severny or Military base.As soon as the plane came over the horizon, it would turn and fly directly to the white circle on the map. The circles do not contract the entire duration of the match and every player is dropped with a random weapon, lvl 1 vest and helmet, some bandages and a grenade into the fray. Shooting starts right away, and within seconds the first victims are crawling around, mortally wounded.

Here are the actual rules; kill your opponents, get their loot, revive your friends, do not team kill. For every kill you get points, but revives are also very rewarding for the team score. The team that first reaches top score wins, or the team with most points does when the timer runs out. There is little to no ordered battle lines, since the killed players get back into a fight in 30 seconds tops as they jump out of the plane (this time the plane spawns exactly above the local battlefield. The parachuting speed is insane, and every time you dive to the ground you can easily land behind an enemy player on the top of building and waste them before they realize what is happening. However, the action is fast, and it is likely you will be dead within a minute, or run out of ammo. This is not a mode for the timid, because the point is to be quick and take out as many enemies as possible rather than to hide in a dark corner of a rusty shack somewhere far off the beaten track.

The games rolled on pretty quickly and even though the points earned were minimal, the event that was going on throughout the 14-15.04. weekend have shown us the true, actual potential of the PUBG. This game is a mod from Arma 3; one day, it might go back and revisit its roots, enabling players to decide on their own modes of confrontation. I feel that PUBG still has a lot of potential in itself and I am already looking forward to the next event.


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