Afghanistan’11 new DLC Royal marines


The wargame where you need to rebuild a country rather
than conquering it with the iron heel

Now with a new elite force, Her Majesty’s amphibious light infantry

Afghanistan’11 is a pretty unique strategy game: published in 2017, it is a wargame where destroyingthe enemy is a secondary mission. Your efforts are largely spent trying to grab the Hearts and Minds of the local population. Afghan people are resolute, able to defend their Country during Soviet invasion fighting off one of the mightiest  armies of the Eighties.

In Afghanistan’11 you learned how to build strong relations with the locals for a lasting peace with the US Army. Now it’s time to deploy the Crown’s finest, Her Majesty’s Royal Marines. Slitherine’s new DLC is focused on this elite British force in Afghanistan, with new units and new armoured vehicles. Ten unique scenarios for a new campaign where you need once more to win the heart of Afghanistan instead of ruthlessly breaking the nation.
New in this DLC: a full new campaign with 10 different scenarios, 8 new British units, civilian vehicles you can stop and search, car bombs you need to identify at large, and roadblocks you can set up in strategic crosspoints. If you win the initial local suspicion and distrust, you will be helped by native Afghan police units.

I have enjoyed Afghanistan’11 and found it to be a well thought out, balanced strategy game where a sound tactical approach rather than mindless charge actually won the day. I am very much looking forward to re-visiting the game with the new DLC “Royal Marines”.

Launching 6th September on PC and iPad.


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