PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds update 12 is wreaking havoc


One of the largest PUBG updates has arrived, changing a lot of features of the game, adding a new weapon and a new car, map choice and a ton of other changes

PUBG has seen a very vivid phase of changes recently, presumably in order to stay ahead of its greatest competitor Fortnite, and with the recent update 12 patch these changes have gone really wild! The additions, fixes and balances are numerous, starting with much stronger handguns and somewhat weaker assault rifles, to implementation off are several new attachments and scopes for different types of weapons. let us check out the major ones!

PUBG handgun changes

The developers have increased the damage of all the handguns. In all honesty, handguns were never truly an option in this game, being used only at the very beginning of the matches were players are not able to get anything better than that. Now they have all received a decent damage upgrade, as you can see on the map below. Most handguns have been raised to do five damage points more than they have so far, with the exception of Glock who only got a boost of two points. This is actually making these weapons valid for certain situations in the middle and endgame, where one can actually switch to a pistol in case that the actual reloading of the main weapon is too slow.

Assault rifle changes

Assault rifles have been slightly nerfed in this patch, however not as significantly as one may think. The idea was to actually increase the validity of handguns and SMG’s, not so much to deprecate the assault rifles. While AKM and Groza have maintained their damage output, M16, M4, SCAR and AUG were nerfed, but only one damage point each. Also, the assault rifles can no longer support the 8x optics, and the reason for that is the attempt to make sniper rifles more important in the game. Gone is a time where an 8x could be slapped onto any assault rifle and be almost as effective as the sniper rifle. M16 has lost the ability to put 8x optics a while ago, and now the rest of assault rifles can no longer carry that scope. Next to that, there is a significant change to the magazines, where extended quickdraw magazines are going to be either quite rare finds or only a part of dropx boxes.

New weapon and the new car

A new weapon is a DMR with 7.62 mm ammunition and a ten-shot magazine. This weapon can spawn everywhere in the world and is stronger than an SKS but has a much stronger kick to set off the power.

The Mirado is the new so-called muscle car that’s Paul’s only on Miramar. This car is amazing, and loud as hell! In fact, it sounds like it is being propelled by tortured banshees under the hood. It is perfect for cruising down the highway, but does not have the necessary flexibility when it comes to mountain rides. Mirado fits four persons and usually comes in the cabriolet edition.

New equipment and other changes

There are around six new attachments for weapons, as well as new scopes such as 3x and 6x. Watched also point out that the right point, hollow as well as 2x now can actually change the reticule appearance. Just hit page up or down to rotate among the different looks. Level III helmet has been removed as a will drop and will be now exclusively found in supply drop crates.

One of the most important changes that players have been asking for a long time is the ability to choose maps. Right now, you can click off the maps that you do not want to appear in your rotation, so you can rest assured that you will not see them when you queue up for a match. This should probably make everybody happy who dislikes Miramar, but I’m going to leave it on for every map for the foreseeable future – even though I like Erangel more.

Other than that, there were dozens of other little changes and this seems to be one of the greatest updates that we have seen in the past months! The patch is currently still on the test server, but should be transferred to the live service pretty soon.


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