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WWII walking tanks in Enlisted

Iconic WWII walking tanks have now been recreated in Enlisted

by Vlad The Impaler

Enlisted, the popular online military action game, has just received an exciting update from Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment. Titan Rise brings with it a formidable new addition to the Enlisted arsenal: walking tanks.

These walking war machines, previously the stuff of science fiction, were first used in World War II’s harshest environments. Enlisted has brought them to life, with accurate reproductions of the real thing. The development team utilized a vast database of original documentation on armored vehicles, as well as studied specimens preserved in museums to make these machines as realistic as possible.

In the game, the walkers move in the same way as humans, which allows them to move around the battlefield with ease while shooting from behind cover. Each model in Enlisted is also equipped with flamethrowers that provide protection against infantry in close combat.

The Soviet machine ShT-34V “Viktor” comes equipped with a combat module based on the turret of the T-34 tank and two MLRS from “Katyusha” with 6 rockets each. The German Pz.Tr.X’s engineers were especially adept at designing its chassis, allowing the walkers to reach lightning-fast speeds and go behind enemy lines. Finally, the American “WT-25 Predator” is designed primarily to deal with aircraft and lightly armored targets, thanks to its two rapid-fire Gatling machine guns and two autocannons.

Enlisted players can take part in the open testing of the walking tanks until April 4 (which may be extended). As a reward for participation, players will receive commemorative rewards. Check out the Enlisted Titan Rise trailer for a closer look at the new content.

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