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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds First Event

by Vlad The Impaler

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has just introduced events, a new type of game mode that lets teams of eight people fight each other on Erangel map. This was done in order to keep pace with Fortnite, which is churning out content like there is no tomorrow. The first game mode from many, as we hope, is going to provide some variety for PUBG. But is it any good you may ask yourself?

If you’re playing with random players, the new events is twice or even three times as toxic as a random squad. There is something about anonymity and people playing shooter games online, especially games like PUBG, which brings out the worst in them within seconds! Now sadly, I cannot bring eight friends together for a PUBG event anymore, mainly because people have begun dropping the game and playing other stuff, so I am forced to do a random group or simply give up on events. I’m certain that if vans are quite interesting when you play with reasonable people… However this is rarely the case in this game.

As soon as you enter the lobby, somebody’s going to scream obscenities or howl or shout “China numbah one!”. Most of the times I’m certain that these people shouting are not Chinese at all. But if you have couple Chinese or Russians in your chat, not even the majority of team, you may rest assured that they will speak their own language and not pay any attention to anybody else in the game.

The new event has two distinct features; first is, to have eight members in a team and the second one is to have twice as many assault rifles spawning throughout the map. However, any random team that I played with so far has performed miserably. As per usual, they even fail to land on the same part of the map, they abandon colleagues under fire when they can safely revive them and they are generally swearing and everybody else who is within their team. Oddly enough, after one minute of game time, I derive more pleasure from my colleagues in the team dying to enemies than I do derive pleasure from enemies being defeated! This was finally what convinced me to pass on the events with random people.

PUBG Events and more game modes to come…

I’m little bit disappointed, to be honest. These events should have been a part of the game much, much sooner. Right now, a lot of people that I know and have played with have started giving up on PUBG. There are also streamers who were famous with doing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that are now turning to other games such as Fortnite. The events, as simple and plain as they are, could have meant a world of difference three or six months ago, but now they feel rushed and tacked on. It is hard to get friends to come back to PUBG right now just because of this simple, not very exciting feature, but if this had been implemented at the time the game was released, the situation today might have been quite different than it is.

I’m not saying that the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is dying. such statements are a cheap clickbait and remind me always of the comments that World of Warcraft was dying, the game which is up to this day still the most successful MMORPG in the world. Not only that it has the most players, it also brings in the most money. I would say the same thing for this game, that it is silly to talk about its demise while it is still at the very top of every playlist and has millions and millions of players still interested in it. But it is obvious that there is a significant decline in his popularity and the willingness of the player to stick with it.

Now, I have given up on events and playing with random teams of eight people since it is a pure circus. I know, nobody’s going to shed a tear, but that is not the point. The gist of this article is not about me complaining how events are bad, but rather that events and new game modes should have arrived much sooner than they did. I have no doubts that the future game modes will be much more interesting than the current one, however, if the PUBG developers keep stalling their introduction, they may find themselves facing an even smaller player base and much harder time to introduce such team dependent gameplay on the players that just want to shout at each other and curse in different languages.

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