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Sanctus Reach Warhammer 40.000 demo play

by Vlad The Impaler

I recently got a real gem to try out; a demo of turn-based strategy game from Slitherine called “Sanctus Reach Warhammer 40K”. Without a question, I was sold on it within 15 minutes of the game.

It took me about an hour and fifteen minutes of casual play to finishe the demo level, a skirmish where the humans engaged orks in the fight for control of five victory points strewn across the map. The game is simple, easy to learn, intuitive and very fun. Every now and then, a new ork unit would come out of woodwork – mechas, war bikers, choppas… It was really amazing. A high point was the moment when I got to control a mechanical behemoth, a building tall “knight” that would annihilate entire squads with a couple of devastating plasma shots.

The demo was really fun and got me engaged – there is something magical about turn based games that suck you in their world, ever since the days of Fallout 1&2, like a chess game where you are under no pressure to click faster, but can instead enjoy thinking through the scenarios and possibilities ahead of you. After all your units have moved and fired off their guns, the enemy has his turn, and so on, back and forth. However, the units also have reactions, so if you stumble across a unit that has moved but you just entered into their range by swerving around the corner, then you will get shot at – a fairly good reactive reflex that makes things harder for those that simply prefer to rush into undiscovered terrain without a care in the world.

I could write on and on about the game details, but it should suffice to say that I found this demo very appealing and immersive and that I will definitely play the finished game as soon asĀ it gets out. In the meantime, check out the sneak peak video and follow me for the final review and play through of the game.

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