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Steel Division 2: Release Slightly Delayed

by Vlad The Impaler

One of the most expected strategy games of 2019, Steel Division 2, will be slightly delayed, as we have found out from the developer studio Eugen Systems. The game will be available on May 2nd instead of April 4th, and owners of any Digital Deluxe Edition (Total Conflict, Commander Deluxe & General Deluxe) will be able to play the game from April 30th.

As the delays happen, this one is a joke. One month is no big deal, just make sure you tidy up any loose ends. Should the sequel follow the footsteps of the first Steel Division game, I am quite comfortable claiming that this will be an amazing game and am absolutely looking forward to it.

The developers have also revealed the details about the Beta access.

Each phase of the beta will allow us to gather as much feedback as possible from you. Besides classic bug fixing and optimization, this long beta will help us to improve the game and deliver the best tactical and strategic experience to you at the game’s release.

On the first phase, you will have access to:
Two Divisions: The 2nd GuardsTank Corps & the 5. Panzerdivision
Three Game Modes: Conquest, Closer Combat and Breakthrough, featuring the brand-new Defensive Structures
Two Maps, including Orsha North
Every phase of the beta will see new content to discover.

I am looking forward to reviewing the full game once it is out.

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