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SCUM survival game FAQ

by Vlad The Impaler

SCUM survival game FAQ for PC is the guide that will constantly be updated as the SCUM game, which is currently in early access phase gets updated and improved itself.

SCUM, the survival game developed by the Croatian development teams Gamepires (Gas Guzzlers Extreme) and Croteam (Serious Sam series) and published by Devolver is probably the most ambitious and potential-rich take on the survival genre we have ever seen. It is combining experience from several games from the survival genre and is introducing a lot of new features as they have not been seen before.


How big is the size of the map?

The current size of the map is 12 x 12 km.

How many players will there be per server?

Current max number of the players is 64, but it is possible that this will be expanded upon in the early access.

How long will the early access last?

Early access will last at least one year, possibly longer if developers decide to add additional features. (Estimate is Q3 2019)

Is this game offering a first person or a third person view?

SCUM has both first and third person view. While aiming with a rifle the view will switch to the iron sight.

How is the abuse of third person perspective being handled in this game? For example, standing behind the corner and seeing the enemy, although there is no direct line of sight?

In SCUM you will not be able to see another player while viewing in third person unless you have a straight line of sight to him. You will be able to hear him, but only when you actually have eyes on the other player will you be able to really see him. There is also a perception in this game, which enables you to truly spot an enemy player who is, for example, crawling through the bushes. If your perception is low, you will actually not be able to see the player until he has gotten sufficiently close to you. In that case you will see the enemy player simply appearing before you.

Is there base building in SCUM?

Currently there is an ability for the player to create a primitive shelter, where the player can respawn after dying. Later on their should be expanded options such as fortification of existing buildings, building walls and so on.

The ability to barricade off a house of your choice has been introduced to the game, bringing in also the ability to pick locks.

How do you level up skills and perks?

You need to exercise certain activities over and over again, over the period of many hours, in order to match them out. Every skill has four levels: no skill, basic, medium and advanced.

Do you lose experience and skills if you get killed?

Yes, but there will be an option to spend fame points to keep experience skills and items after death.

What happens with the items that you leave on the ground?

All items that are left on the ground will despawn within 10 minutes. Right now, the developers are debating extending that time limit to 20 minutes.

How does the metabolism work?

In order to survive you need to eat, drink, stay warm and dry. You also need to take care about such details as when to eat and how much to eat, since you can literally explode if you eat too much. Have in mind that eating the food does not instantly give you energy, because that food needs to be digested first. You also need to empty your bladder on a regular basis and also need to poop in order to clear up your colon. If you get wet you can also get a cold, and if you’re too warm you will be dehydrating faster.

Are there any safe zones in this game?

Safe zones where players can trade with NPCs and not fear for their life will be added to in the early access phase.

What happens when you log off?

There is a short timer before your body disappears, in order to prevent exploits of a log off feature.

Are there any vehicles in the game?

Currently there are no vehicles that players can drive, but these will be implemented in the game at a later stage. It is expected to also have the ability to sail a boat.

What about wild animals in SCUM?

You can hunt the wild animals and butcher them for meat and skin, which will help you to cook food and create certain items such as a backpack. Currently there are also wolves and horses in the game, although you are still unable to tame horses and ride them. That ability will be introduced at a later point of development.

How does the fame system work?

You earn fame points by surviving and doing specific feats such as crafting or killing puppets (the games type of zombies). If you live for two and half hours of real-time you can gain at around 60 to 70 fame points for surviving only, plus all the additional points for crafting and fighting NPCs and other players. When you die you have four different possibilities to choose from:

  • you can spawn at a random place and that will cost you 25 fame points
  • you can choose to spawn in the sector of the map where you would like to be spawned, which will cost you 50 fame points
  • if you have a shelter you can spawn there for 75 fame points
  • and if you have a teammate you can spawn next to them 400 fame points (you will not spawn directly on your teammate but somewhat farther away in order to avoid chain killing by other players or NPC’s)

is there a night and day change in the game?

Yes. Currently, the day lasts 4 real hours, while the night last 2 real hours.

How much water do I need to drink per hour?

As a rule of thumb you need to drink around 300 ml of water per hour. According to your stats and skills that number can be higher or lower.

Can I track animals and humans?

You need advanced awareness in order to be able to track animals, and you will see highlighted tracks of animals. This is especially useful when you wound an animal without killing it and you need to track it down, since it will bleed to death. Unfortunately, as of now you can’t track human players in SCUM. It is also doubtful if that feature will ever be introduced, since it would probably be an overpowered one…

Why does the light on the back of your head turns to red from green?

Whereas I initially believed that this was a kind of proximity warning, the green light turns to red when the player has negative fame points.

NOTE: This is work in progress. If you spot anything you know is wrong, please post it in the comments below. Thank you!

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