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Cities Skylines Snowfall expansion has been released

by Vlad The Impaler

New “Snowfall” expansion brings weather, heating, and road maintenance

Every city you build is a unique and beautiful snowflake, so why not cover them in actual snowflakes? The new Snowfall expansion is coming soon, and with it, a dose of frosty weather — and plenty of new challenges and systems that will crop up when your citizens get cold. When the snow and the temperature start to come down, Mayor-Players will need to ensure the streets stay clear, the buildings stay warm, and the city stays stylish.

Snowfall will include new snow-season graphics, plus free cosmetic updates for rain, fog, and wind! The expansion delivers new in-game systems such as heating, snowplowing services, all-weather trams, road maintenance departments, and a new selection of winter parks and landmarks for citizens who want to have an ice day.

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