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Survarium Update 0.40 feature list

by Vlad The Impaler

New User Interface

In Survarium 0.40 we have reworked the lobby interface to increase its usability and make it more user-friendly, visually attractive and up-to-date. We understand that you will need some time to get used to the changes. Hopefully you’ll appreciate the usability and interactivity of the new UI. In our nearest plans is also updating the battle interface and adding new functionality.

Weapon Modules

Now you can modify the weapons by installing different modules! The number of available modules for each weapon depends on its type and tier. To unlock the module you have to perform a certain number of kills from the weapon. Modules change both the characteristics of the weapon and its visuals. Say, laser sight decreases the dispersion when firing from the hip. Vertical grip decreases the recoil, and angled grip decreases the penalty to recoil while moving. Find the complete list of modules below!

Changes in the Economy

We believe it is wrong to penalize you for playing actively and using consumables so we have decided not to take into account the number of used cartridges and supplies when calculating the cost of playing in a battle. Ammo and supplies still have a price of usage which will be added to the total cost of participation in battle. You will see this cost on the equipment screen.

Voiced Quick Commands and New Music

We have added English voice overs for all quick commands in the game. Now it will be easier for you to communicate with the teammates in the heat of battle. Moreover, there’s now unique music in Survarium lobby and on load screens of each level. To cap it all, special music added before the round ending, as well as at victory and loss!

The Complete List of Changes in Survarium 0.40


  • Added a mission to collect Artifacts. To complete the task you need to collect 3/5/7 artifacts in a battle. An Artifact is deemed collected if you have at least one artifact slot available. Anomaly destruction is not counted.
  • Collecting artifacts during battle no longer awards points.
  • Oxygen tanks now activate automatically when entering the anomalous zone and deactivate when leaving.
  • Anomaly damage protection added for characters that played less than 10 battles.
  • Headshot damage multiplier increased from 2 to 2.5.
  • Aiming speed now depends on the weapon’s weight and type.
  • Increased the amplitude and decreased the speed of sight sway.
  • Increased sight sway speed when the character is walking.
  • Increased base dispersion when shooting.
  • Added dispersion increase mechanics while shooting in long bursts. The speed of dispersion increase depends on the weapon.
  • Decreased recoil when shooting from the hip.
  • Horizontal recoil of all weapons decreased by 33%.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Gear defects system is deactivated.
  • You can no longer find items with defects on the aftermatch search screen.
  • “Reliability” modifier removed. All reliability modifiers on your equipment will automatically be replaced with other ones.
  • You can no longer take two types of ammo for one gun into battle.
  • The stopping power of all weapons has been reduced.
  • The character can be slowed by no more than 60% (character speed cannot be lower than 40%).
  • Maximum value of “Effective distance” modifier decreased to 15% (down from 25%), modifier increment decreased to 3% (down from 5%).
  • Maximum value of “Reload Speed” modifier decreased to 10% (down from 15%), modifier increment decreased to 2% (down from 3%).
  • Increased effective distance of all pistols and SMGs.
  • Decreased damage drop with the distance for all SMGs.
  • RGO blast radius increased to 8 meters (from 6 meters).
  • Minimum damage of sniper rifles decreased from 80% to 70%.
  • Increased the effective distance of 9A-91, OTs-14, SR-3M, AS VAL.
  • The level of the starting weapons increased from 0 to 1.
  • Starting weapons can no longer be disassembled into details.

Weapon Modules

  • By killing opponents you will now unlock modules which can be then installed on your weapons.
  • Each module improves certain weapon characteristics, sometimes lowering other parameters. Please find the complete list of module types below.
  • Modules for each weapon are unlocked separately.
  • The number of kills required to unlock each module depends on the tier of the weapon.
  • Modules for weapons received during in-game events unlock separately from their standard version counterparts.
  • All premium weapons are provided with all modules unlocked.
  • Your premium weapons will receive all their modules automatically.
  • Each weapon can have no more than 3 modules installed at a time.
  • Some lower tier weapons have only two modules available.
  • The starting weapons have no unlockable modules.

Types of Modules

Muzzle Devices

  • Flash Hider: reduces muzzle flashes.
  • Vertical (or horizontal) muzzle breaks: decrease the vertical (or horizontal) recoil by 5%.
  • Silencer: reduces the shot loudness, decreases the effective range by 20%.
  • Duckbill: decreases the vertical dispersion of buckshot.
  • Choke: decreases the dispersion of buckshot.
  • Heavy barrel: reduces the dispersion by 20%.
  • Long barrel: increases the effective range by 20%.

Grips and Laser Sights

  • Laser sight: reduces the dispersion when firing from the hip by 10%.
  • Vertical grip: reduces recoil by 5%.
  • Angled grip: reduces dispersion while moving by 10%.
  • Potato grip: reduces sight sway by 15%.


  • Collimator sight.
  • х2 magnification scope.
  • х3 magnification scope.
  • х4 magnification scope.
  • х6 magnification scope.
  • х8 magnification scope.
  • Alternate х3/х6 magnification scope.
  • Alternate х4/х8 magnification scope.

Stocks (only for AS VAL, VSS instead of muzzle devices)

  • Ergonomic stock: reduces recoil by 5%.
  • Sniper stock: reduces the aiming time by 20%.

Decals and Camouflages

  • Standard (non-premium) decals and camouflages cannot be purchased in the shop or received after the match. They can be received for achievements only.
  • All the decals and camouflages are now available in one copy only, but can be applied to any number of equipment.
  • The list of your decals and camouflages is available in the Workshop.
  • Decals and camouflages now increase experience and reputation gain. Bonuses of the same decal/camouflage don’t stack.
  • You will automatically receive the decals and camouflages you had before the update, even if you don’t have the appropriate achievements yet.
  • If you had several copies of the same decal or camouflage, only one will remain. The rest will be removed and you will get their full price.

Special Items and Boosters

  • Special items now function in the same way as boosters.
  • The slot for special items has been removed.
  • The cost of every special item is now 500 silver.
  • Special items last one battle.
  • +50% experience, silver and reputation boosters now last 5 battles.
  • Cost of every +50% booster is now 20 gold.
  • You can still find special items and boosters after a battle.
  • Special items and boosters have their own interface window (in the right corner of the main lobby screen).
  • You will still have all the special items and boosters you had before the update.


  • Supplies (medkits, grenades, traps, mines) are no longer stored in the inventory.
  • Supplies are now free of charge.
  • When clicking on the supply slot you will see what can be placed in that slot.
  • For the locked items you can see their unlock conditions.
  • When selecting an item it automatically fills the slot to its maximum capacity (the quantity can be decreased to reduce the overall weight).
  • Items can no longer be found after a match.
  • “Motherworth” now reduces the sight sway by 15% (used to be 20%).
  • All your supplies will automatically be sold for their purchase price.

Calculation of the Battle Costs

  • The total cost of ammo now does not depend on the number of clips taken into battle.
  • The cost of ammo is included in the cost of weapons.
  • Now your equipment does not have wrecks, but there is a repair cost after the battle. This cost is fixed.
  • The modifiers no longer influence the equipment repairs cost.
  • Each equipment profile has its own cost, depending on the items it has.
  • The total cost of battle is calculated proportionally to the time you used each of the profiles.
  • When you don’t have enough silver to repair an expensive profile, you will be notified it’s impossible to start a match. The game will suggest to switch off the expensive profiles.

Character Skills

  • Reloading: increment per skill level reduced to 5% (down from 10%).
  • Steady breath: increment per skill level increased to 3% (up from 2%).
  • Accuracy: increment per skill level reduced to 2% (down from 3%).

User Interface

  • Quick commands in battle are now selected in radial menu (accessed by pressing middle mouse button/wheel by default).
  • In-game lobby interface has been completely redesigned.
  • Icons of all items, skills, tasks and modifiers have been redesigned.
  • The articles in-game encyclopedia have been updated; old images replaced.
  • Now each item in the workshop has a list of the available modifiers with their range of possible values.
  • The friend list now indicates for how long the player has been in battle.
  • Survarium launcher has been redesigned to correspond to the new in-game UI.
  • The design of the game logo has been updated.
  • Added a message when there’s not enough gold to purchase a stash map while searching for loot after a match.
  • Registration and login via Facebook, Google+ and VKontakte is implemented. You can link your Survarium account to your account or accounts in any of those social networks and use them to login into the game and the website.
  • Added support for several simultaneous in-game events.
  • Changed the colors of modified items. One modifier – green color, two modifiers – blue color. Used to be vice versa.

Visuals and Animation

  • You can now try on the equipment on your character before purchasing it.
  • Added a new login screen.
  • Created a new lobby scene.
  • Added new animations for weapons with modules.
  • Added simplified models (LOD) for all the equipment to improve the game performance.

Sound and Music

  • All quick commands now have voice overs in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. For game localizations in other languages English voiceovers are used.
  • Locations loading screens now each have unique music.
  • Added unique music for in-game lobby.
  • Added music to indicate the match about to end.
  • Added victory/loss music.

Other Changes

  • End-User License Agreement has been moved to the website.
  • Christmas sweater and pants were disabled.
  • All the crates with awards for leagues will be automatically opened upon your first login into the game. You will receive the contents of the crates.
  • Crates with items have been removed from the game.
  • Leagues and clan battles have been deactivated.
  • New game tutorial added.
  • The first game session for newcomers has been made easier.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an authentication issue when navigating to the web shop from the game client.
  • Fixed various mistakes in the game localizations.
  • Fixed incorrect sounds of steps when sounds were played with a delay or not played at all.
  • Fixed the achievements that were previously impossible to get.
  • Incorrect faction tiers for several premium items fixed.
  • Passable wall on London location has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an invisible wall in the central building in London.
  • Passable wall on Chemical Plant location has now been fixed.
  • Hospital roof on Vostok Radar Station location has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue when the players could climb up to the roof of Vector Laboratory location.
  • Fixed respawn points on Rudnya location.
  • Fixed spots where you could move out of the boundaries of Vostok Radar Station location.
  • Fixed spots where you could move out of the boundaries of Tarakanovsky Fort location.
  • Other geometry fixes done on all the game locations.
  • Now the damage inflicted on hands is calculated correctly.
  • Fixed a synchronization issue when simultaneously activating onyx and larkspur artifacts.
  • The game client no longer crashes when the player receives more than 5 complaints on the killcam screen.
  • Introduced small changes to the environment and lighting on all locations.
  • Fixed an incorrect calculation of dispersion on the move.
  • It’s no longer possible to leave the battle area on several locations.
  • Game settings are now saved correctly when closing the game client with Alt+F4.

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