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Epic Games Store free game of the week

by Vlad The Impaler

This week’s free game in the Epic Games Store will not be Ark Survival Evolved.

For a while now there were very accurate leaks about upcoming games that will be free on Epic Games store, yet this week seems to be an exception. Ark Survival Evolved is not it. Instead, PC players will be able to download the co-op game Overcooked free of charge until June 11th. The leak via Reddit correctly predicted in the previous weeks GTA 5, Civilization 6 and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. There is still a chance that Ark Survival Evolved will be available next week (an unknown game is listed in the shop page of the Epic Games Store for next week) , and it might be that Epic Games just mixed things up a bit so you can’t trust these leaks, but for now, we get Overcooked.

Get Overcooked for free from Epic Games Store

The co-op adventure Overcooked puts you in a role of an amateur cook where you and your friends try to produce the desired recipe as quickly as possible and deliver it to the food counter. The faster you deliver burgers, soups, salads or burritos, the more tips and points you get. It is a fun, fast paced game that builds on a good division of tasks amongst players and puts them in different kitchens across the missions.

It is possible that Ark Evolved will be the free game available for download from the Epic Games Store for the next week, but it is by no means certain yet. At times, I we are amazed how much money the Epic Games Store is prepared to get customers in, especially if you consider that you don’t need paid membership for the weekly game gifts. All you need to do is create an Epic Games account and download the game client. In the shop, you then add the free games to your library every week and play them whenever you want.

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