Top Ten Best 4X space games of all times


10. Galactic Civilizations 3


While GalCiv3 is still a fairly new entry to the world of 4X games, it managed to get on my “The best 4X games of all times” easily, especially after the prior two parts paved the road for it. I have immensely enjoyed the second installment, the Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords which came out beginning 2006. Ten years later, GalCiv 3 and a large deal of DLC’s made this game one of the best 4X games out there. In this game, you can win through military conquest, cultural domination, technological development or political alliances, which should ensure that you “never play the same game twice”, as the developers would say. Another strength is the amazing ship designer – now more or less a standard requisite for all 4X games – that is so flexible that people managed to design and build fully functional ships from many famous movies and series such as Star Trek.

Without going into a regular review of the game, it should suffice to say that GalCiv 3 is definitely one of the best games of the genre. I would suggest picking up some of the major DLC’s or wait for a big sale to get all of them.

You can get GalCiv 3 on Steam.


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