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Top Ten Best 4X space games of all times

by Vlad The Impaler

8. Master of Orion (Reboot)

master of orion collector's edition

Upon hearing that there will be a Master of Orion reboot, done by nobody else than Wargming.net, I wasn’t sure what to expect – after all, this company became world famous for their awesome free-to-play titles of the “World of” franchise. But the fact that you made an incredible game called World of Tanks in a free to play manner does not really say that you will be able to make a similarly incredible experience in a genre that is totally different (4X space games) and under entirely different selling mechanisms (pay-to-play instead of free-to-play).

I am glad to say that they did an amazing job. 

Even though the Master of Orion (reboot) did not manage to tie me down to the computer as much as its predecessor, it is certainly a very accomplished, highly solid 4X game that I will recommend any fan of the genre without the slightest hesitation. In part, this is because the developers did not shy away to copy the best parts of the Master of Orion 2 and put it into the new graphic and engine clothing. Another major positive thing was the fact that, while Master of Orion was in the early access, the developers genuinely listened to the veterans of MoO and made changes where fans pointed out flawed systems or bad gameplay.

Once again, definitely a 4X game you must try! You can get it at GoG.com.

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