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Top Ten Best 4X space games of all times

by Vlad The Impaler

9.┬áSid Meier’s Alpha Centauri


Did you ever wonder why all these games have a “Sid Meier” tacked on them? No, it wasn’t because Sid was so vein; it all started as a joke. Apparently, nobody else than late Mr. Robin Williams told the co-founder of Microprose, Bill Stealey (Sid Meier was the other founder) that they should put Sid Meier’s name┬ábefore all titles of the games and make him a star that way. Well, after Pirates and Civilization, it kinda worked, although it started as a joke, I would say.

For many players this is still one of the best 4x strategy games out there. The aged graphics are not an issue, because the spirit of the game is still relevant and highly entertaining.

You can still buy Sid Meier Alpha Centauri at Gog.com.

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