EVE Online guide for beginners (2016)


PvP in EvE online: Dog eats Dog world

I could write books about Player versus Player engagements in EVE, but I won’t, for a simple reason – you can sum it all up in the Dog eats Dog philosophy. I will give you some basic tips to follow as EVE’s new player.

Understood that you will be hurt. In EVE, you lose actual ships, ship modules, money, perhaps even your avatars life and its progress! This game hurts its players that don’t know what they are doing. In almost any other game, when you enter PvP you might get killed, but the repercussions are really insignificant (you may need to repair your armor, suffer a longer revive timer, but thats mostly it). In EVE you can lose everything you have in a blink of an eye. Older gamers with billions of ISK will not worry about their losses, but it can oh so easily destroy the will to play the game in a young EVE newb. Have that in mind.

You are never safe. Even if you stick to the Empire space with its high security systems filled with NPC police, you are not safe. You will be easily suicide ganked by people who will be flying ten times cheaper ships, equipped for the sole purpose of wrecking up ships like yours that AFK out somewhere in space. It will happen sooner or later.

Trust no one. Friendly folks might offer you help or assistance, but as soon as you give them access to your stuff, they will grab it and leave you. There is no way to secure yourself from such a theft.┬áThere is no running to the moderators and asking them to get you your “stuff back”. One of the greatest EVE alliances was not destroyed by wars, but by a long term spy who infiltrated the top echelon and eventually disbanded the corporation and alliance, stealing billions in cash and ships, modules, blueprints and whatnot. That’s EVE for you

There is no or very little one man action in EVE, unless you are roaming and hoping to catch a yet even bigger noob. If you are truly committed to becoming a PvPer in EVE, then the best way is to join a corporation you know the people already, either from some other game or real life. Let them teach you the ropes. Should you have no one who plays EVE, I suggest you join The EVE University.  This corporation is generally known for helping new players and fostering a non-toxic environment where they can learn everything about EVE.




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  1. I’m downloading the game right now while reading and I’m confused. Is this a Rogue-like game? You figuratively die and it’s game over and you start from the beginning? If so, you’ll die sooner or later and in that case how can anyone own anything significant?!
    Sorry for the noobish question; never played Eve before.

  2. Vlad The Impaler
    Vlad The Impaler on

    There are no noobish questions in EVE; there is no learning curve, there is a learning cliff, and people fall off it.
    Alas, there are “two stages of death” in EVE; first one is when your starship get blown up, and second one is when your pod, the capsule you actually reside in gets destroyed. When playing versus NPC, they will destroy your ship but never your pod. When you play versus live players, they may actually kill your pod. In that case, you will wake up in your clone (the backup copy of yourself) in whichever station you have your clone in. If you regularly update your clone as you skill up, you won’t lose any skill points and off you go again into your adventures.
    I will add this part to the guide to make things clearer for beginners. Cheers!

      • Vlad The Impaler
        Vlad The Impaler on

        No problem! The best way to enjoy EVE is within a community, and I would suggest to check out EVE Online University first. Fly safe!

  3. Just a quick point. Updating your clone hasn’t been a thing for some time now. There are now no circumstances in which you will ever lose skill points. You can pretty much disregard any reference to it in the article.

    • Vlad The Impaler
      Vlad The Impaler on

      MKAT, thanks a lot for this hint, this went completely under my radar. Updated the guide accordingly! Cheers!