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Two Point Hospital – 6 tips for advanced hospital managers

by Vlad The Impaler

Two Point Hospital tips for advanced hospital managers: How to use training, marketing and how to best spend the in-game currency Kudosh? Here are six quick tips to help you out with the later portion of the game.

Staff promotions

To ensure the satisfaction of your employees you need to promote the best of them. This will increase the running costs, but they also bring new training positions, which you can then fill with skills. In addition to special or so called “hard skills” such as psychiatry or surgery, you will also train soft skills such as patient care, dealing with colleagues or diagnostic skills. This leads to faster diagnosis and treatment and ultimately to shorter queues. And all of this? To more money.

Train the doctors and the staff

At Mitton University Hospital you are forced to train staff. You’ll be given only new recruits from the university. The advantage is that you save money. The disadvantage? It takes time to train a psychiatrist or skilled nurses for the pharmacy. First, train your staff to work more efficiently, which will also help to reduce queues. Also increase the diagnostic skills of nurses. Training in patient handling and speed of your reception assistants is also helpful when it comes to avoiding queues. The better the diagnosis, the better the chances of recovery. Additionally, you need to skill up mechanics and maintenance to improve your diagnostic equipment and keep your hospital running properly. Also keep in mind that staff training takes a long time, so make sure you have a replacement in the hospital.

Specialists rooms and hospital wings

You need to pay close attention and keep track of the tasks the nurses and doctors go about, especially in the later part of the game.¬† To avoid long walks from the break room or remote toilets, you need to process-chain important departments. Doctors with skills in diagnosis should diagnose patients quickly in the doctor’s offices. If there are queues in front of the doctor’s offices, it might be worthwhile to invest into the skills of your doctor, but another doctor’s office is often an even better solution. From there on make sure that you have hospital wings such as cardiology or psychiatry, with sequences departments and treatment rooms connected.

Marketing and Research

Research provides you with new ways of treating new diseases as well as improved and more effective diagnostic tools. You will need specially trained doctors for research at Two Point Hospital. They will provide you with new equipment and completely new treatment rooms for new diseases. The larger the research room, the more research tables/slots there are. The more research tables, the more doctors can perform research at the same time. Similar goes for marketing. You run branding campaigns to improve the image of the hospital or use special campaigns to attract patients. These campaigns can also be used to attract future new employees with desired skills. Especially for missions where you have to treat and cure certain patients, you need marketing.

Side mission for extra money

You should not ignore emergencies or requests from your staff. If you have capacity, accept emergencies and collect the money reward. At the same time, you will be able to see how your rooms are performing under stress and identify weaknesses that you can easily fix, either by training or new hires. Promotions will keep your staff happy and also unlock new skill areas, which you can then use for further training. Secondary tasks also focus your attention on the soft factors such as the reputation or prestige of the rooms you gain according to your success rate. These ensure more patients and satisfied and ultimately efficient staff.

Feng Shui for your Hospital

Money¬† gets you new furniture, objects or wall design possibilities. All of these can boost certain aspects of your hospital, such as reputation, prestige or the comfort level of your staff and patients, some in more ways than one. A coffee maker does not only quench your employees’ thirst, but also reduces fatigue. Some furniture offers a plus on diagnosis or treatment success. Be sure to look at the descriptions here to effectively plan the layout of the rooms. A candy machine as well as a coffee machine shortens the need for breaks for doctors, nurses, assistants and caretakers in Two Point Hospital by reducing hunger and thirst.

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