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Ecape from Tarkov – AS VAL is the best/simplest gun in EFT!

by Vlad The Impaler

AS VAL is one of the simplest builds with high return on investment in Escape from Tarkov.

AS VAL basic weapon as the foundation for this build is around 70K on the flea market or you can get it from Prapor at LVL4. As VAL is amazing for several reasons.

First, it is suppressed. I have a soft spot for suppressed weapons, always had, always will. Might not be the most ultimate logical reasoning, but there it is.

Second, it has a very low “out of the box” recoil, both vertical (44) and horizontal (78). This is what we once used to call a laser gun (but not the Star Wars variety, since those kick like mules; actually, more like a Star Trek phaser!).

AS VAL Ammo and attachments

You can take the the 20-round 6L25 9×39 VSS Magazine from Prapor LVL 3 for about 6K ₽ . The alternative would be the 30-round SR3M. 130 9×39 SR3M magazine, but to get that one you will need to have Prapor on LVL3 and trade it for 3 pliers or Parpor at LVL4 and pay 30K ₽, which is almost 5 times the cost of the 20-round mag! I am cheap – I will stick with the 20mag.

As for the ammo, you can use either SP-5 9×39 mm, which is only slightly less – overall – good than SP-5. SP-5 goes in stacks of 50, its easily available, and currently 5 times cheaper than SP-6

There is a number of mounts you can set on the AS VAL, such as OKP-7 or Cobra, but I went with a tip of another streamer and took the SVD low mount, since it does not obfuscate so much of the view. Finally, just slap any sight you want or happen to have on you, I usually go for PK-06 or something along the lines, but you can feel free to fill in the blanks.

Here is the final screenshots of AS VAL Build details:



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