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Naxxramas Raid problem – Kel’Thuzad resetting

by Vlad The Impaler

I have recently taken up on soloing old raid content with my various WoW characters – just for the kicks, to get some transmog items and relive the old days – and one of the instances I visited was Naxxramas. The legacy raiding, as it is called now, is fun, but one thing almost spoiled the ending: the Kel’thuzad fight and his unexplainable resetting.

Now, the old raids were designed with 10 or 25 people in mind, so there are all sorts of problems that might pop up when there is a single, overpowered character grinding the raid instance. The first class I tried the old Naxxramas raid was my hunter, conveniently specced to Beastmastery. I came up to Kel’thuzad, engaged in the first phase of the fight and went straight for the abominations. These, of course, respawn in their respective alcoves along with skeeltons and some apparitions. But some 2-3 minutes into the fight – Kel’thuzad can’t be attacked or targeted during this time – the end boss would simply despawn and the encounter would reset.

Why is Kel’Thuzad resetting?

I repeated the process 2-3 times, trying to remember what I may have done wrong. In the next iteration, I decided NOT to go after the undead, but remained inside the circle in front of Kel’Thuzad. This time, he did not despawn or reset, and I was able to get my kill.

Afterwards I tried it out with several other toons and had a couple of resets. The lessons learned were simple. and if you follow these rules, you will have excellent chances to finish this encounter without the boss fight reset.

Kel’Thuzad will reset if you leave the circle in front of him. The same green circle that activates the encounter is the palce you need to be, all the time.
Adds will come at you. Don’t go out of the circle.
Tag the adds. If you have any sort of long range attack, pull the mobs towards you. I have had a pet on assist, didn’t tag a single add, all of them got killed by my pet and I was still able to finish the entire encounter. However, it seems safer to try and tag adds, but not leaving the circle.
Wait for the timer. After some 3 minutes, second phase will start, and Kel’Thuzad will attack you. Get him.

That is it. I will include this in my soloing guide, but I found it also important to put it in writing down here, so people who get stuck might google it up.

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